Birth Photographer | Chattanooga, Tennessee

Birth is by far one of the most rewarding and life-changing moments to be captured in your family’s life. Being able to look back on the story of your baby’s birth is beyond comparison! Giving the task of photographing your birth to your partner or birth supporters could result in missed moments or fuzzy memories, especially in low lighting. It would be difficult for anyone to photograph the complete birth experience and provide the compassionate support you deserve at the same time.

Many moms are so focused on birthing their baby, details like time and who is in attendance can be lost. Some of the most beautiful photos are the ones of the amazing love between the birthing mom and those supporting them. Having a someone there to photograph the first time you touch and see your precious baby is simply priceless.

Birth Photo Chattanooga

Birth Photography includes a Visioning Session to discuss how you see your birth photos and for us to learn the plans for your birth such as location, provider and your support team. Lindsey Drury is on-call for two-weeks before your estimated due date, she photographs up to 24 hours of your birth and provides your birth photos in an Online Album for download.


A $250 deposit reserves your Birth Photography services with a total of $1000 being paid one month before your estimated due date. We also offer multiple Legacy Plans to capture your pregnancy, birth, newborn and baby’s first year.